Free Bahrain!!

I just googled Bahrain and the first thing that came up was an ancient news posting about how the Bahrain rally will continue on amid the protests. EXCUSE ME!! But does anyone realize that people are being killed on a daily basis in that place? You google Syria or Libya or hell even Egypt and you get a bunch of stuff about the UN going in saving the poor protesters, or how some important United States politician has condemned the killings of protesters by government forces. I am not trying for one second to down play the struggle of the Syrian, Egyptian etc people at all. I am simply trying to point out that other people are dying also and they need our attention.

The Bahrain revolution is even been labeled the “forgotten revolution” because truth be told no body cares!! Bahrain does not have any significant amount of oil, it is not of any strategic  area to the World Powers and the regime that is in place is such a puppet. The ruling family is shamelessly corrupt and is shamelessly being supported by anyone who could make a difference. During my followings of the situation going on in Bahrain i have read that doctors are being prosecuted for providing medical attention to protesters that have been injured. This is a characteristic that is still completely unique to the struggle of the Bahraini people. I personally was not even aware of the situation until I saw a documentary on the only objective international news channel – Al Jazeera.

Who is to blame then? For the killing of many innocent civilians in Bahrain?

Personally I believe that the majority of the blame lies with the International Powers (read US, UK, France, Germany, Russia, China and Israel). It is no secret that a few men in these countries are the ones that control the international media and there is literally no coverage of whats happening. It is so blatantly being allowed to continue. No UN resolutions have been drafted, no Arab League  meetings have been held. No action has been taken. One whole year on since the revolution started and activists are still being kidnapped. Its disgusting. How are the defenseless people of Bahrain supposed to topple a oh-so-powerful military regime on their own?? Thats the thing, THEY CANT!!

But who is responsible really doesn’t matter. What matters is that people stop dying in Bahrain the way chickens are killed at McDonald’s. What can I do about it? What can you do about it? We are just as significant as Bahrain. I believe that the success of a revolution has a direct correlation to the amount of supporters it has. Well obviously the people of Bahrain isn’t the largest population in the world and these people need our help, so that they don’t remain “forgotten.”

Please spread the word!! Lets force the international community to put the necessary pressure on the regime to get them to step down. Tweet about it, Facebook about it, until something is done.



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