Ladies, Shame on You!




These are all beautiful ladies. 

That is there job, to bring us the news. But these days the news has taken on a new form. Instead of focusing on the content people are staying loyal to news channels based on which beautiful lady is delivering it.  What is wrong with our society?

Kenyan citizens have never been allowed to be so politically engaged then they are now. Nothing should come between Kenyans and their right to information. Not that I am saying that these ladies are distorting the content, but I think it has just become too much. Once Citizen hired Janet Mbugua it was rumoured that her starting salary was 850,000 /= this is exclusive of benefits. Further rumours were circulating that Julie Gichuru then threatened to quit because of this. My point is too much attention is being paid on who is delivering the news instead of the content. Nothing, no one should be a distraction to us getting the news.

The other day I was watching the KISS TV news and the male anchor was seated behind a podium while the lady stood in front of a screen; where the camera had a full view of her amazing figure; in a dress that I would never wear in front of my mother, let alone my father. And Citizen and KTN are just as bad making the women trounce around the studio like they are on the catwalk. These local stations are sexually exploiting their female news anchors for ratings and worse still these female anchors know what it going on and they are allowing it. Hell, they are even using it to their advantage.  One would think that Lulu Hassan because of her Muslim beliefs would be an exception but nope, she is right there with them swinging those hips like she was in bongo video.

A lot of you reading this will think that I am just jealous, but honestly I’m more embarrassed for these ladies than anything else. When they grow old and look back on their lives as news anchors they will be so ashamed of the degree to which they were sexualized.

Some may also say that as women in today’s world especially in Kenyan society that it’s the only way that women can stay ahead but what is more important, garnering the highest ratings or having some integrity? As women who other women look to as role models, especially young women it shouldn’t have to be a choice. Maintaining your integrity as a woman should never be optional. Especially now when stories such as university girls selling their bodies for flat screen TV’s and women having sexual relations with animals are on the rise.


It is possible to maintain integrity and still move forward in your career. Look at Catherine Kasavuli, Beatrice Marshall, Zein Verjee and Christine Amanpour!!  All these women climbed up the media ladder by utilizing their brains and not their hips. I think it’s time that the current news anchors do the same. 


Friendship Is Unconditional


Just because we’ve been friends for so long doesn’t give you the right to walk all over me and talk to me the way you want. Or worst still, completely take me for granted.

Yes I know we’ve grown up together, been through things that we thought would bind us together, but I can’t do this anymore. My self-respect will not allow it. I can’t love you unconditionally when it makes me question how much I love myself. We’re not even dating! Yet somehow you manage to evoke these thoughts in my mind.

And that’s not what friendship is supposed to be. It’s not supposed to be one-sided, it’s not supposed to continuously confrontational. If we have a problem we should talk about it, sort it.

Like any relationship of any kind, friendship is supposed to be give and take. For me to benefit from whatever this thing is you need to make me feel needed and I need to feel that I need you. Recently It has been the former, and I just can’t do it anymore. Whenever we are talking, it is because and about whatever you are going through. Where is the girl that held my hand as I walked away from my first love? Where is the girl who taught me that I need to stand up for myself? Where did she go? I even find myself asking what would she do with you if she was in my position.

I have fought and fought through all your layers to try and get the girl that I’ve always known back, but as hard as it is to admit it’s honestly like she has vanished into thin air. We’re just not “clicking” anymore. Anything I do to help you is wrong, even when it is what you had wanted. Have we both changed that much?

I know what you’re going through, a part of me understands. But that doesn’t allow you to treat me the way he does. That doesn’t allow you to make your problems a priority over mine. When you ask me “How are you?” how do you expect me to answer honestly when I know you don’t care?

I won’t give up, I’ll forever hope that the girl you once were comes back. I won’t give up hope. But I will give up constantly making you a priority when I’m nothing more than a punching bag, especially when the shadow of what you were is miles away. 

My Heart Is Breaking

The leader s of this country are breaking my heart.

Honestly. Once the constitution was promulgated, I like many Kenyans and supporters of Kenya and people who have interests in this country I thought to myself “FINALLY” we’re going to have some much needed change in this country.  But three years on even after the greatly anticipated elections, nothing has changed. My feelings on the matter go beyond disappointment and anger, I am heartbroken.

I understand that this is a new dispensation and progress has got to be slow but this is simply not good enough. I have outlined in my opinion that the major issues that the country is facing. Firstly there are these battles that are going on all over the country which sees different leaders battling for supremacy. Secondly there is the matter of the MP’s pay, thirdly there is the matter of the resistance against all of these things that the citizens have put forward and lastly there are is our President and Deputy President successfully lobbying the AU in an attempt to bring the case against them home.

After years of authoritarian and tyrannical style of governance that we experienced under Jomo Kenyatta and Moi and the fight that activists including prominent people such as Willy Mutunga, Maina Kiai, Reverend Njoya just to name a few on behalf of citizens who fought tooth and nail for the constitution only to have it completely mutilated by our “leaders.” Now that devolution is being implemented does it really matter who has more power over whom? Seriously, these people are behaving like children on the playground trying to get control over the most toys. At the end of the day the most important thing is getting the work done. So why not hold hands work together and make sure the work gets done. Look at the police, the whole country is having problems of insecurity because of the inner wrangling. These silly old men need to realize that the lives of people in Bungoma, Busia, and Mandera etc are more important than who has more power than whom. I am not even going to touch the supremacy battle between the house Senate and Parliament. It again is foolish and stupid! Work towards the development of your constituencies and stop being so insensitive to the needs of the people that elected you.

I am so ashamed of our elected representatives in the Parliament. Honestly ashamed. They are being very egotistic in their way of thinking. Just plain ignorant. First they have completely ignored all their benefits and allowances that they are already being afforded. Personally I think that the reason they want these increments is because of what their predecessors had. They can live so comfortably off what they are entitled to. Plus I have watched those parliamentarians sitting and debating and most of the time the empty chairs are a lot more than the full ones, unless the house is debating their own increments of course. They have gone even further defiling the clause in the constitution that is concerned with recalling them, making it almost impossible for citizens to take them back. It’s just sad, they have taken away virtually all our rights.

To Boniface Mwangi and his team that have protested against these Parliamentarians by taking Pigs to the street, I applaud you. However this is counterproductive. The constitution that was made by the people, for the people has a clause that allows it to be amended. Mr. Mwangi, I beseech you to turn your attention to articles 255 – 257 of the constitution. Rally your supports to go out and campaign for the amendment of article 104 which the parliamentarians have mutilated. Clearly chanting and having bloody pigs on the street outside parliament is not going to change these people’s mind. They are claiming to go by the book so let’s fight them in their arena and win!! I’m sure millions of people watched and heard those protests and support them but because we have to go to work and make a living we simple don’t have time to spend the whole day there. Plus if we get arrested who will feed our families will we languish in jail or struggle with legal fees? If at least three people are assigned at the protest to get people to sign a petition advocating for amending that clause, I think these Politicians will get a shock of their life and our rights will be restored. At the end of the day they are supposed to work for us, not towards lining their pockets.

Lastly in my opinion our President and Deputy President are not helping the situation. They again are also being counterproductive. The MP’s knew how much they were going to make when they campaigned, the same way the President and his co-accused new that they would have to deal with the ICC. Them trying to use shuttle the African Union in an effort to get these cases brought home is a waste of time and money (Did someone say 24million??). I agree that our President should be acquitted as that would benefit the country but as he said as he was campaigning he is ready to fight the charges. So fight them then!! Don’t try and have them removed. Don’t forget about the thousands of IDP’s who are still living in camps, who were raped, who lost their livelihoods, their land who need justice. They need to see a conscious effort being made to achieve that justice. It’s completely impossible for a tribunal to be set up to prosecute a president of those citizens who will preside over that tribunal. It just doesn’t make sense.

Please everyone who I have mentioned, stop breaking my heart.