Ladies, Shame on You!




These are all beautiful ladies. 

That is there job, to bring us the news. But these days the news has taken on a new form. Instead of focusing on the content people are staying loyal to news channels based on which beautiful lady is delivering it.  What is wrong with our society?

Kenyan citizens have never been allowed to be so politically engaged then they are now. Nothing should come between Kenyans and their right to information. Not that I am saying that these ladies are distorting the content, but I think it has just become too much. Once Citizen hired Janet Mbugua it was rumoured that her starting salary was 850,000 /= this is exclusive of benefits. Further rumours were circulating that Julie Gichuru then threatened to quit because of this. My point is too much attention is being paid on who is delivering the news instead of the content. Nothing, no one should be a distraction to us getting the news.

The other day I was watching the KISS TV news and the male anchor was seated behind a podium while the lady stood in front of a screen; where the camera had a full view of her amazing figure; in a dress that I would never wear in front of my mother, let alone my father. And Citizen and KTN are just as bad making the women trounce around the studio like they are on the catwalk. These local stations are sexually exploiting their female news anchors for ratings and worse still these female anchors know what it going on and they are allowing it. Hell, they are even using it to their advantage.  One would think that Lulu Hassan because of her Muslim beliefs would be an exception but nope, she is right there with them swinging those hips like she was in bongo video.

A lot of you reading this will think that I am just jealous, but honestly I’m more embarrassed for these ladies than anything else. When they grow old and look back on their lives as news anchors they will be so ashamed of the degree to which they were sexualized.

Some may also say that as women in today’s world especially in Kenyan society that it’s the only way that women can stay ahead but what is more important, garnering the highest ratings or having some integrity? As women who other women look to as role models, especially young women it shouldn’t have to be a choice. Maintaining your integrity as a woman should never be optional. Especially now when stories such as university girls selling their bodies for flat screen TV’s and women having sexual relations with animals are on the rise.


It is possible to maintain integrity and still move forward in your career. Look at Catherine Kasavuli, Beatrice Marshall, Zein Verjee and Christine Amanpour!!  All these women climbed up the media ladder by utilizing their brains and not their hips. I think it’s time that the current news anchors do the same. 


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