The Side-Chick Story

The Side-Chick Story

Do you remember at the end of the season finale for Scandal how Olivia turns the President down, and how he returns to his wife and Olivia proceeds to go running with her hair tied back looking all boss and shit?? That is such a fallacy.


In real life, the guy will NEVER leave his wife for the side-chick. It just doesn’t happen and when it does, that is the exception.



So how exactly does the side-chick come to be? How does the situation arise? 3 things:

  • The Man who everyone knows is unavailable hooks up with the side-chick.
  • The Side-chick allows this to become a regular thing.
  • The Wife of the said unavailable man, against her better judgement allows this to continue.

It’s shocking, I know.

Let’s start with Mr. Unavailable. One thing I just can’t take away from this guy is that he loves his girlfriend. In his own sick and twisted way, he really loves her. And when only one regular side-chick is involved, he also feels something for her, whether it is strictly located in his trouser section or if it be pity. But there definitely feelings involved. Many people often wonder HOW? If he truly loves his girlfriend then why does he need to go and dip his stick into someone else? This is something that only a man, or specifically the man in question can answer. It may because he had too much to drink that one time and then it becomes a regular thing, because of the thrill of feeling someone else’s skin against his. Or because of the fact that he likes the side-chick, has always had a thing for her but then he doesn’t see her as “wifey” material. There is a whole list of reasons.

Then there is the Wife in question. If she ever does find out about the side-chick she immediately plays the victim. Lashing out at the man and calling the side chick all sorts of names. But she had a part to play. Ladies let’s not lie to ourselves, we all know our men in and out. We know their routine and in some cases lack of routine. It is in our feminine chemical structure to notice when something is amiss.  When your man finds himself a side-chick you know but you pretend to go about life like butterflies and daisies. Why? Because you love him and you don’t want to believe that he could do something like that to you. Secondly, it could mean possible failure on your part, you weren’t fulfilling your job description so he has resulted to out sourcing. But somewhere deep downside the main chick always knows about the side chick.

Lastly there is the side chick, my personal favourite. J In some cases all that is said about her is true. She is a vindictive bitch who only wants to go about town wrecking homes. In majority cases she truly has feelings for Mr. Unavailable and she just wants to be with him. At all costs, even if that means sharing him with some conceited bitch that doesn’t deserve him. Mr. Unavailable in true male fashion takes advantage of these feelings and gets his dick’s worth. In some cases the side-chick is the victim. At the end of the day when the wife finds out about the side chick and gets mad at Mr. Unavailable, she’ll eventually take him back. The side-chick will be left all alone, with only memories. I guess at the end of the day – SHAME ON HER- she should have known better because she was fully aware Mr. Unavailable was unavailable but she continued to give him her body.

In all cases, sometimes you just can’t help how you feel. 


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