I’m With You Sister!!

Dear Keithi Kilonzo,

I would first like to Thank you.  Thank you for showing all women all over the country that the fact that you have a vagina puts you at a disadvantage. The whole country opened their hearts to you regardless of their political affiliation; you were not asking for justice, you were demanding it. Secondly I would like to extend my deepest sympathies. For the loss of your father and for the bittersweet bite you must have experienced while watching your brother win the Makueni Senator seat.

I say bittersweet because although he is blood, and you are undoubtedly happy for him I know that deep down inside you wish that that could have been you. From a person who has followed Kenyan politics ever since I had the ability to critically think and analyze I understand why you thought you could get away with it. People in government have literally gotten away with murder, what is the harm in a little voter fraud? At the end of the day your competitor from Jubilee was also trying to stand in the by-election even though he was in direct violation of the law (constitution states that you have to be a member of a political party that you are contesting a seat with for more than three months prior to the election – Professor Kaloki stood on the Wiper ticket on March 4th but contested the by-election on a NARC ticket), why should he be cleared while you are barred? Because you are a woman? Because you are Kilonzo’s daughter? Because you are a CORD candidate? Whatever the reason the High Court ruled that you would not be allowed to stand.

Let me offer some completely unsolicited words for wisdom that my father has said to me many a time “good for you.” Because of what happened to you, you will learn, people who look up to you will also learn.  I myself have learnt from your experiences and I am applying those lessons in my everyday life as we speak. You should not steep to the level of those very men you are trying to defeat. You should show them practically that you are of a higher moral standing, very highly educated, well mannered and simply you have common sense. You are different, do not fade into the rotten crowd of all men that you are rolling with. YOU ARE DIFFERENT! Look at your accomplishments: representing Moi and winning, going to the East African Court of Justice and winning against the government of Kenya, you’re academic achievements etc the list goes on. By definition you are different. You have accomplished so much in such a little time and you are just getting started. Those men fear you, the ones in your crew and the ones in government. BY all means necessary do not give them a reason not to. Leave them trembling in their boots. 

Take the next five years to ensure that all your papers are in check, everything you need is in place and you have a team of quite serious HONEST hard working professionals behind you.

Take the next five years to travel the country still accomplishing things that a small would-be blogger from Nairobi only dreams about.

Take the next five years to inspire others to do unimaginable things. 

Most importantly take the next five years to show Kenyans, to show the ruling government, to show the world that Keithi Kilonzo is force to be re-conned with, and she is not going anywhere. 

Keithi please understand that since the death of Tom Mboya in 1969 and the death of J.M Karuiki in 1975, this country has not seen anyone who is so well versed with the laws of the land, the needs and wants of the people and someone who cuts across all ethnic and tribal lines drawn by our “leaders.” This country cannot afford to let you slip into political oblivion. We just cannot afford it. So many people stood by you as you fought to stand in the by-election, stand by us and help us demand for our rights and freedoms. 

Yours Truly,

Leyla Ismaily.  


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