From One Bitch To Another.

Over the years women who have climbed to the top of their fields and subsequently been in the spotlight because of it have had to work twice as hard and sacrifice twice as much as men. And worse still they have had to face a lot more criticism while doing it. 

If they are not called “a power-hungry bitch” then they are being called “a pussy who lets her emotions get in the way of business.” It really is Bullshit. Simply because women have to chose which insult they like the most. And still probably the worst thing about this whole thing is that majority of the time the women are the ones who are spitting out this venom. But that’s a story for another day. 

One woman who has stood out for me is Madam Secretary Madeleine Albright. So so so so so many things have been said about her over the years, and for a long time I agreed with them. But until literally this morning it never occurred to me that she was a woman just like me who had feelings, more so just like me because she was ambitious and unlike most men these days she had balls. She said and things which many people wouldn’t dare allow to creep up as a thought! She was the first female Secretary of State paving the way for other “bitches” such as Hillary Clinton and Condeleeza Rice. That cannot be taken away from her. Not to be added to the list of women who doesn’t support other women but lets just say she didn’t get where she was in life by opening her legs.

It really bothers me to see Women today relying fully on their sexuality to take them places and then complaining that men are the ones who take advantage of us. We make it way to easy for them.

But this post is not about what is wrong with the female species, it is about the boss-ness of Madam Secretary. I can openly state that I do not agree with most of the decisions she made but that does not mean that I can’t admire her for making them, or more so achieving all that she achieved.  The point I’m trying to make here is that Madeleine Albright should not be admired for the work that she did or the decisions that she made but solely because she is a woman who made it to the top. 

Thank you Madam Secretary for being so Awesome!! 


4 thoughts on “From One Bitch To Another.

  1. You know giving her thanks because she is a woman is helping men stay on top, its like giving credit to blacks for reading, or gays for kissing in public; she received her position because she was qualified….pointing out she’s a woman shrinks the accomplishment. I know what you’re saying and I agree but separating it to a woman’s accomplishment as opposed to a human’s accomplishment narrows the focus….she should be admired by all (not just women).

    • Firstly thank you for stopping by. 🙂
      Secondly, men look up to other men because they are men, we should be allowed to do the same thing.
      And more importantly women are not the same as men, we are much much much better and capable of much much more. So we do deserve special recognition. And I think Men recognize this that’s why they’d rather have us stuck in a kitchen with ten babies.
      Do you understand where I am coming from?

      • I understood you from the start, I just expound on your point. What men are you around? This isn’t the sixties, men want an equal now. The kitchen is shared by both men and women; women typically want the children, so it isn’t the men locking them in to that. It’s okay to uplift women but you should have to put down men to do so…. and you’re welcome!!!! We need each other not continuously separating one another!!!! My point continues to be we should look up to the role model not their sex….

      • Ah, I see why we are looking at the situation differently. I live in Africa, in Kenya. And on top of that I come from an Arab family.
        I think that should help you understand why I feel the way I feel.

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