I’m With You Sister!!

Dear Keithi Kilonzo,

I would first like to Thank you.  Thank you for showing all women all over the country that the fact that you have a vagina puts you at a disadvantage. The whole country opened their hearts to you regardless of their political affiliation; you were not asking for justice, you were demanding it. Secondly I would like to extend my deepest sympathies. For the loss of your father and for the bittersweet bite you must have experienced while watching your brother win the Makueni Senator seat.

I say bittersweet because although he is blood, and you are undoubtedly happy for him I know that deep down inside you wish that that could have been you. From a person who has followed Kenyan politics ever since I had the ability to critically think and analyze I understand why you thought you could get away with it. People in government have literally gotten away with murder, what is the harm in a little voter fraud? At the end of the day your competitor from Jubilee was also trying to stand in the by-election even though he was in direct violation of the law (constitution states that you have to be a member of a political party that you are contesting a seat with for more than three months prior to the election – Professor Kaloki stood on the Wiper ticket on March 4th but contested the by-election on a NARC ticket), why should he be cleared while you are barred? Because you are a woman? Because you are Kilonzo’s daughter? Because you are a CORD candidate? Whatever the reason the High Court ruled that you would not be allowed to stand.

Let me offer some completely unsolicited words for wisdom that my father has said to me many a time “good for you.” Because of what happened to you, you will learn, people who look up to you will also learn.  I myself have learnt from your experiences and I am applying those lessons in my everyday life as we speak. You should not steep to the level of those very men you are trying to defeat. You should show them practically that you are of a higher moral standing, very highly educated, well mannered and simply you have common sense. You are different, do not fade into the rotten crowd of all men that you are rolling with. YOU ARE DIFFERENT! Look at your accomplishments: representing Moi and winning, going to the East African Court of Justice and winning against the government of Kenya, you’re academic achievements etc the list goes on. By definition you are different. You have accomplished so much in such a little time and you are just getting started. Those men fear you, the ones in your crew and the ones in government. BY all means necessary do not give them a reason not to. Leave them trembling in their boots. 

Take the next five years to ensure that all your papers are in check, everything you need is in place and you have a team of quite serious HONEST hard working professionals behind you.

Take the next five years to travel the country still accomplishing things that a small would-be blogger from Nairobi only dreams about.

Take the next five years to inspire others to do unimaginable things. 

Most importantly take the next five years to show Kenyans, to show the ruling government, to show the world that Keithi Kilonzo is force to be re-conned with, and she is not going anywhere. 

Keithi please understand that since the death of Tom Mboya in 1969 and the death of J.M Karuiki in 1975, this country has not seen anyone who is so well versed with the laws of the land, the needs and wants of the people and someone who cuts across all ethnic and tribal lines drawn by our “leaders.” This country cannot afford to let you slip into political oblivion. We just cannot afford it. So many people stood by you as you fought to stand in the by-election, stand by us and help us demand for our rights and freedoms. 

Yours Truly,

Leyla Ismaily.  


My Heart Is Breaking

The leader s of this country are breaking my heart.

Honestly. Once the constitution was promulgated, I like many Kenyans and supporters of Kenya and people who have interests in this country I thought to myself “FINALLY” we’re going to have some much needed change in this country.  But three years on even after the greatly anticipated elections, nothing has changed. My feelings on the matter go beyond disappointment and anger, I am heartbroken.

I understand that this is a new dispensation and progress has got to be slow but this is simply not good enough. I have outlined in my opinion that the major issues that the country is facing. Firstly there are these battles that are going on all over the country which sees different leaders battling for supremacy. Secondly there is the matter of the MP’s pay, thirdly there is the matter of the resistance against all of these things that the citizens have put forward and lastly there are is our President and Deputy President successfully lobbying the AU in an attempt to bring the case against them home.

After years of authoritarian and tyrannical style of governance that we experienced under Jomo Kenyatta and Moi and the fight that activists including prominent people such as Willy Mutunga, Maina Kiai, Reverend Njoya just to name a few on behalf of citizens who fought tooth and nail for the constitution only to have it completely mutilated by our “leaders.” Now that devolution is being implemented does it really matter who has more power over whom? Seriously, these people are behaving like children on the playground trying to get control over the most toys. At the end of the day the most important thing is getting the work done. So why not hold hands work together and make sure the work gets done. Look at the police, the whole country is having problems of insecurity because of the inner wrangling. These silly old men need to realize that the lives of people in Bungoma, Busia, and Mandera etc are more important than who has more power than whom. I am not even going to touch the supremacy battle between the house Senate and Parliament. It again is foolish and stupid! Work towards the development of your constituencies and stop being so insensitive to the needs of the people that elected you.

I am so ashamed of our elected representatives in the Parliament. Honestly ashamed. They are being very egotistic in their way of thinking. Just plain ignorant. First they have completely ignored all their benefits and allowances that they are already being afforded. Personally I think that the reason they want these increments is because of what their predecessors had. They can live so comfortably off what they are entitled to. Plus I have watched those parliamentarians sitting and debating and most of the time the empty chairs are a lot more than the full ones, unless the house is debating their own increments of course. They have gone even further defiling the clause in the constitution that is concerned with recalling them, making it almost impossible for citizens to take them back. It’s just sad, they have taken away virtually all our rights.

To Boniface Mwangi and his team that have protested against these Parliamentarians by taking Pigs to the street, I applaud you. However this is counterproductive. The constitution that was made by the people, for the people has a clause that allows it to be amended. Mr. Mwangi, I beseech you to turn your attention to articles 255 – 257 of the constitution. Rally your supports to go out and campaign for the amendment of article 104 which the parliamentarians have mutilated. Clearly chanting and having bloody pigs on the street outside parliament is not going to change these people’s mind. They are claiming to go by the book so let’s fight them in their arena and win!! I’m sure millions of people watched and heard those protests and support them but because we have to go to work and make a living we simple don’t have time to spend the whole day there. Plus if we get arrested who will feed our families will we languish in jail or struggle with legal fees? If at least three people are assigned at the protest to get people to sign a petition advocating for amending that clause, I think these Politicians will get a shock of their life and our rights will be restored. At the end of the day they are supposed to work for us, not towards lining their pockets.

Lastly in my opinion our President and Deputy President are not helping the situation. They again are also being counterproductive. The MP’s knew how much they were going to make when they campaigned, the same way the President and his co-accused new that they would have to deal with the ICC. Them trying to use shuttle the African Union in an effort to get these cases brought home is a waste of time and money (Did someone say 24million??). I agree that our President should be acquitted as that would benefit the country but as he said as he was campaigning he is ready to fight the charges. So fight them then!! Don’t try and have them removed. Don’t forget about the thousands of IDP’s who are still living in camps, who were raped, who lost their livelihoods, their land who need justice. They need to see a conscious effort being made to achieve that justice. It’s completely impossible for a tribunal to be set up to prosecute a president of those citizens who will preside over that tribunal. It just doesn’t make sense.

Please everyone who I have mentioned, stop breaking my heart.


Kenya is in Danger!! – Part 2

Dear Mr. Raila,

I will start my letter by openly saying that I am not even going to address your “running mate” Kalonzo. This is a marriage of convenience and acknowledging it, which I refuse to do because it’s just plain silly. You may argue that this is the only way you would have a chance against the fugitives named in my former letter but look at Martha Karua!! She’s going at it alone and even though she may not necessarily have my vote yet, she has my respect which is a lot more than any other candidate at this point.

It is no secret how inconsistent you are. Time and time again you have said one thing in the spotlight of the media yet the very next day while the news is still being replayed you come out with a statement that completely contradicts what you said barely a few hours ago! You need to have motives, objectives and goals as a leader. You can’t be jumping from ship to ship all the time that will leave the country completely unstable. We can see from your history in the past five years that you are always the one to come out shooting and accusing people when something such as a bomb blast happens, but as the highest authority you need to be calm and collected. Let there be investigations and let those investigations be conclusive before you can start pointing fingers. Basically, just think before you speak or at least employ someone to do it for you. You need to stop this behaviour of shooting first and then aiming later; it is not good for the country.

For people who have not studied your political history and your general character it would be difficult to tell how hard you are shaking in your boots at this Uhuru –Ruto coalition. You don’t have the same zeal and charisma that you had 5 years ago. That is understandable but you cannot be so desperate to start campaigning alongside known thugs. Seriously? Mungiki leaders? Just get serious. Have you forgotten all those people who lost their lives as a result of these people? Do you think those people are going to vote for you? Or are you planning to get your new best friends to go and beat your vote into them? We need a leader that will remain confident and sure about what they are doing to take over this country. Clearly, you are just not there yet. So just spare us the trouble and make room for candidates who are ready to lead the country.

As the saying goes, you are your friends. But baba, who are your friends? I was truly shocked when I saw the news that Mudavadi had left you. I thought you guys were BOYS!! But clearly this was just another marriage of convenience. Even Miguna, though with his faults stood by you for a very long time but where is he now? The list goes on from Balala to Ngilu, they have all deserted you. So if we have no clue who your friends are how can we know who you are? They have made it clear that their main reason for leaving was your iron fist tolerance on the party, it got so bad that they just had to leave. We had Moi brutally run this country for more than 20 years are you going to do the same thing to us? With your dictatorship qualities? Agreed Kenya needs a firm leader not a dictator who is never really sure what to do with themselves. Kenya needs democracy, this means allowing opposition and sometimes even competition. What will happen to people like me who oppose your rule? Are you going to open your own Nyayo house and shove me in there for opposing you? Or am I going to have to flee to country in exile? Tell me, I want to know.

We know you are the Prime Minister of Kenya but this does not mean you have to constantly announce it and show it off in our faces. Are you aware that the current British Prime Minister travelled to his own inauguration in a bicycle? And no, it was not gold plated. Every single month I pay taxes so grudge idly because I can’t help thinking this is going to pay for the Prime Minister’s new other other Benz, while people are starving in his very own constituency of Langata. Have some humanity, even a bit and feel for these people before you go importing a truckload of hummers. I witnessed this myself at my late uncle’s funeral. Right in the middle of his granddaughter making a heart warming speech about her uncle you walk in late, approach the casket and start saying your prayers. As much as you want to show that you are in touch with God you have to realize that there are other people grieving and you are interrupting that process. Further still you insisted that the wife of the deceased move from the chair she was sitting so that everyone could see you, front and centre, which of course meant that your entourage had to surround you and everyone else had to move, including a not too excited me. This extravagance is not good for the nation.

If you really have the best interests of the country then I beg you, look inside yourself and just accept that you are not a progressive thinker, and do not contest the presidency in the upcoming elections.

Kenya is in Danger!! – Part 1

Dear Mr. Ruto/Mr. Kenyatta,

Firstly can you believe that the word “Kenyatta” is actually recognized on my spell check? Yet mine is not? I actually had to add my own name into the dictionary. What nonsense is this? My computer must be programmed this way just to piss me off, and I can’t lie its worked.

But on to more serious matters, what are you two idiots thinking running for President and Vice President when you have been indicted by the International Criminal Court? I cannot see the logic behind this decision at all!! Like just, really? Granted you may be innocent but do you realize what this could mean for the country as a whole if you got elected? Firstly and most importantly, the beautiful Kenyan country would be labeled a failed state simply for the fact that we have common fugitives “leading” (read embezzling from) our country. The consequences of this would affect everyone from the common lady who sells mangoes on the street to the children of your friends who have been sent abroad to gain an education, consume foreign alcohol, and impregnate foreigners. This is mainly because travel restrictions would be placed on our citizens as well as economic sanctions. So that woman who sells mangoes down the road will have to lower her prices because there is no more exportation meaning the demand for her mangoes will go down, how is she supposed to pay for kerosene to cook ugali with if she is forced to sell her mangoes at throw away prices?

Secondly, if you two buffoons are elected who is going to run the country as you are being tried at the court? You are running together and in accordance with the constitution in the situation that the President is absent the Vice President takes over, you both will be gone or do you not realize that? Or do you just not plan to show up? Again this goes back to economic sanctions, extremely limited foreign aid and very strict travel embargoes on the country as a whole. What will those who cannot afford the lavish lifestyles that you two live cope with the definite results of a raised inflation? Just go ask that other dimwit Omar Bashir that he is dealing with or rather pretending to deal with.

What happens if the United Nations pulls out of Kenya??? Do you know how many employment opportunities that the United Nations provides for Kenyans?? Do you realize how many industrial sectors would be affected if they pulled out? Tourism would suffer as a result of the decreased number of conferences in the country, employment would go down, Nairobi’s housing and retail markets that cater for UN staff would virtually collapse over night! Do you have a plan to reimburse all these people who would suffer because the two of you cannot see the greater good in simply not contesting until you are proven innocent?

Lastly it is a lose-lose situation. In a nutshell if you win and attend your trial you will never be around to actually run the country which again would lead to anarchy, and if you don’t attend your trial the country will be isolated internationally – what will Sudan give you?? Even Uganda will tell you live “those are your own!!”

If you really have the interests of the country at heart just focus on your cases and let the country be lead by qualified human beings.

Free Bahrain!!

I just googled Bahrain and the first thing that came up was an ancient news posting about how the Bahrain rally will continue on amid the protests. EXCUSE ME!! But does anyone realize that people are being killed on a daily basis in that place? You google Syria or Libya or hell even Egypt and you get a bunch of stuff about the UN going in saving the poor protesters, or how some important United States politician has condemned the killings of protesters by government forces. I am not trying for one second to down play the struggle of the Syrian, Egyptian etc people at all. I am simply trying to point out that other people are dying also and they need our attention.

The Bahrain revolution is even been labeled the “forgotten revolution” because truth be told no body cares!! Bahrain does not have any significant amount of oil, it is not of any strategic  area to the World Powers and the regime that is in place is such a puppet. The ruling family is shamelessly corrupt and is shamelessly being supported by anyone who could make a difference. During my followings of the situation going on in Bahrain i have read that doctors are being prosecuted for providing medical attention to protesters that have been injured. This is a characteristic that is still completely unique to the struggle of the Bahraini people. I personally was not even aware of the situation until I saw a documentary on the only objective international news channel – Al Jazeera.

Who is to blame then? For the killing of many innocent civilians in Bahrain?

Personally I believe that the majority of the blame lies with the International Powers (read US, UK, France, Germany, Russia, China and Israel). It is no secret that a few men in these countries are the ones that control the international media and there is literally no coverage of whats happening. It is so blatantly being allowed to continue. No UN resolutions have been drafted, no Arab League  meetings have been held. No action has been taken. One whole year on since the revolution started and activists are still being kidnapped. Its disgusting. How are the defenseless people of Bahrain supposed to topple a oh-so-powerful military regime on their own?? Thats the thing, THEY CANT!!

But who is responsible really doesn’t matter. What matters is that people stop dying in Bahrain the way chickens are killed at McDonald’s. What can I do about it? What can you do about it? We are just as significant as Bahrain. I believe that the success of a revolution has a direct correlation to the amount of supporters it has. Well obviously the people of Bahrain isn’t the largest population in the world and these people need our help, so that they don’t remain “forgotten.”

Please spread the word!! Lets force the international community to put the necessary pressure on the regime to get them to step down. Tweet about it, Facebook about it, until something is done.