From One Bitch To Another.

Over the years women who have climbed to the top of their fields and subsequently been in the spotlight because of it have had to work twice as hard and sacrifice twice as much as men. And worse still they have had to face a lot more criticism while doing it. 

If they are not called “a power-hungry bitch” then they are being called “a pussy who lets her emotions get in the way of business.” It really is Bullshit. Simply because women have to chose which insult they like the most. And still probably the worst thing about this whole thing is that majority of the time the women are the ones who are spitting out this venom. But that’s a story for another day. 

One woman who has stood out for me is Madam Secretary Madeleine Albright. So so so so so many things have been said about her over the years, and for a long time I agreed with them. But until literally this morning it never occurred to me that she was a woman just like me who had feelings, more so just like me because she was ambitious and unlike most men these days she had balls. She said and things which many people wouldn’t dare allow to creep up as a thought! She was the first female Secretary of State paving the way for other “bitches” such as Hillary Clinton and Condeleeza Rice. That cannot be taken away from her. Not to be added to the list of women who doesn’t support other women but lets just say she didn’t get where she was in life by opening her legs.

It really bothers me to see Women today relying fully on their sexuality to take them places and then complaining that men are the ones who take advantage of us. We make it way to easy for them.

But this post is not about what is wrong with the female species, it is about the boss-ness of Madam Secretary. I can openly state that I do not agree with most of the decisions she made but that does not mean that I can’t admire her for making them, or more so achieving all that she achieved.  The point I’m trying to make here is that Madeleine Albright should not be admired for the work that she did or the decisions that she made but solely because she is a woman who made it to the top. 

Thank you Madam Secretary for being so Awesome!! 


The Side-Chick Story

The Side-Chick Story

Do you remember at the end of the season finale for Scandal how Olivia turns the President down, and how he returns to his wife and Olivia proceeds to go running with her hair tied back looking all boss and shit?? That is such a fallacy.


In real life, the guy will NEVER leave his wife for the side-chick. It just doesn’t happen and when it does, that is the exception.



So how exactly does the side-chick come to be? How does the situation arise? 3 things:

  • The Man who everyone knows is unavailable hooks up with the side-chick.
  • The Side-chick allows this to become a regular thing.
  • The Wife of the said unavailable man, against her better judgement allows this to continue.

It’s shocking, I know.

Let’s start with Mr. Unavailable. One thing I just can’t take away from this guy is that he loves his girlfriend. In his own sick and twisted way, he really loves her. And when only one regular side-chick is involved, he also feels something for her, whether it is strictly located in his trouser section or if it be pity. But there definitely feelings involved. Many people often wonder HOW? If he truly loves his girlfriend then why does he need to go and dip his stick into someone else? This is something that only a man, or specifically the man in question can answer. It may because he had too much to drink that one time and then it becomes a regular thing, because of the thrill of feeling someone else’s skin against his. Or because of the fact that he likes the side-chick, has always had a thing for her but then he doesn’t see her as “wifey” material. There is a whole list of reasons.

Then there is the Wife in question. If she ever does find out about the side-chick she immediately plays the victim. Lashing out at the man and calling the side chick all sorts of names. But she had a part to play. Ladies let’s not lie to ourselves, we all know our men in and out. We know their routine and in some cases lack of routine. It is in our feminine chemical structure to notice when something is amiss.  When your man finds himself a side-chick you know but you pretend to go about life like butterflies and daisies. Why? Because you love him and you don’t want to believe that he could do something like that to you. Secondly, it could mean possible failure on your part, you weren’t fulfilling your job description so he has resulted to out sourcing. But somewhere deep downside the main chick always knows about the side chick.

Lastly there is the side chick, my personal favourite. J In some cases all that is said about her is true. She is a vindictive bitch who only wants to go about town wrecking homes. In majority cases she truly has feelings for Mr. Unavailable and she just wants to be with him. At all costs, even if that means sharing him with some conceited bitch that doesn’t deserve him. Mr. Unavailable in true male fashion takes advantage of these feelings and gets his dick’s worth. In some cases the side-chick is the victim. At the end of the day when the wife finds out about the side chick and gets mad at Mr. Unavailable, she’ll eventually take him back. The side-chick will be left all alone, with only memories. I guess at the end of the day – SHAME ON HER- she should have known better because she was fully aware Mr. Unavailable was unavailable but she continued to give him her body.

In all cases, sometimes you just can’t help how you feel. 

Ladies, Shame on You!




These are all beautiful ladies. 

That is there job, to bring us the news. But these days the news has taken on a new form. Instead of focusing on the content people are staying loyal to news channels based on which beautiful lady is delivering it.  What is wrong with our society?

Kenyan citizens have never been allowed to be so politically engaged then they are now. Nothing should come between Kenyans and their right to information. Not that I am saying that these ladies are distorting the content, but I think it has just become too much. Once Citizen hired Janet Mbugua it was rumoured that her starting salary was 850,000 /= this is exclusive of benefits. Further rumours were circulating that Julie Gichuru then threatened to quit because of this. My point is too much attention is being paid on who is delivering the news instead of the content. Nothing, no one should be a distraction to us getting the news.

The other day I was watching the KISS TV news and the male anchor was seated behind a podium while the lady stood in front of a screen; where the camera had a full view of her amazing figure; in a dress that I would never wear in front of my mother, let alone my father. And Citizen and KTN are just as bad making the women trounce around the studio like they are on the catwalk. These local stations are sexually exploiting their female news anchors for ratings and worse still these female anchors know what it going on and they are allowing it. Hell, they are even using it to their advantage.  One would think that Lulu Hassan because of her Muslim beliefs would be an exception but nope, she is right there with them swinging those hips like she was in bongo video.

A lot of you reading this will think that I am just jealous, but honestly I’m more embarrassed for these ladies than anything else. When they grow old and look back on their lives as news anchors they will be so ashamed of the degree to which they were sexualized.

Some may also say that as women in today’s world especially in Kenyan society that it’s the only way that women can stay ahead but what is more important, garnering the highest ratings or having some integrity? As women who other women look to as role models, especially young women it shouldn’t have to be a choice. Maintaining your integrity as a woman should never be optional. Especially now when stories such as university girls selling their bodies for flat screen TV’s and women having sexual relations with animals are on the rise.


It is possible to maintain integrity and still move forward in your career. Look at Catherine Kasavuli, Beatrice Marshall, Zein Verjee and Christine Amanpour!!  All these women climbed up the media ladder by utilizing their brains and not their hips. I think it’s time that the current news anchors do the same. 

Kenya is in Danger!! – Part 1

Dear Mr. Ruto/Mr. Kenyatta,

Firstly can you believe that the word “Kenyatta” is actually recognized on my spell check? Yet mine is not? I actually had to add my own name into the dictionary. What nonsense is this? My computer must be programmed this way just to piss me off, and I can’t lie its worked.

But on to more serious matters, what are you two idiots thinking running for President and Vice President when you have been indicted by the International Criminal Court? I cannot see the logic behind this decision at all!! Like just, really? Granted you may be innocent but do you realize what this could mean for the country as a whole if you got elected? Firstly and most importantly, the beautiful Kenyan country would be labeled a failed state simply for the fact that we have common fugitives “leading” (read embezzling from) our country. The consequences of this would affect everyone from the common lady who sells mangoes on the street to the children of your friends who have been sent abroad to gain an education, consume foreign alcohol, and impregnate foreigners. This is mainly because travel restrictions would be placed on our citizens as well as economic sanctions. So that woman who sells mangoes down the road will have to lower her prices because there is no more exportation meaning the demand for her mangoes will go down, how is she supposed to pay for kerosene to cook ugali with if she is forced to sell her mangoes at throw away prices?

Secondly, if you two buffoons are elected who is going to run the country as you are being tried at the court? You are running together and in accordance with the constitution in the situation that the President is absent the Vice President takes over, you both will be gone or do you not realize that? Or do you just not plan to show up? Again this goes back to economic sanctions, extremely limited foreign aid and very strict travel embargoes on the country as a whole. What will those who cannot afford the lavish lifestyles that you two live cope with the definite results of a raised inflation? Just go ask that other dimwit Omar Bashir that he is dealing with or rather pretending to deal with.

What happens if the United Nations pulls out of Kenya??? Do you know how many employment opportunities that the United Nations provides for Kenyans?? Do you realize how many industrial sectors would be affected if they pulled out? Tourism would suffer as a result of the decreased number of conferences in the country, employment would go down, Nairobi’s housing and retail markets that cater for UN staff would virtually collapse over night! Do you have a plan to reimburse all these people who would suffer because the two of you cannot see the greater good in simply not contesting until you are proven innocent?

Lastly it is a lose-lose situation. In a nutshell if you win and attend your trial you will never be around to actually run the country which again would lead to anarchy, and if you don’t attend your trial the country will be isolated internationally – what will Sudan give you?? Even Uganda will tell you live “those are your own!!”

If you really have the interests of the country at heart just focus on your cases and let the country be lead by qualified human beings.

100 Days Unseen

Last year at about late December, a good friend of mine lost her Father to a long and vicious battle with Leukemia. He was a great great man, who was admired and shall be missed be many; me included. He left behind a son, a daughter and a wife.

This was the first time that I have ever had someone so close to me lose someone so close to them. It was the first time that I witnessed the process and procedures that come along with Islamic mourning. I learned for instance that mourners are forbidden to wail so as to discourage attracting attention to their loss, that the body must be washed and cleansed by the deceased’s closest family members and friends of the same sex as they re-sight the necessary prayers and it is very rare for someone as close as the wife and daughter to see the corpse.


The main thing that intrigued me and caused me to partake into some research on the topic is that process of Iddah ( for more detailed information). This is basically the mourning period for women. Fundamentally, this has five main directives;

  1. The waiting period (Iddah) of a widow is four months and ten days;
  2. During this period, the woman is not to marry another husband;
  3. During this period, a person may declare his intentions of marrying the widow – in a socially acceptable manner – or he may keep such intentions to himself, yet he should not make a secret commitment of marriage with the widow; and
  4. The time and place of the marriage-contract should be finalized and committed to only after the period of four months and ten days has expired. 
  5. During the waiting period the woman shall not see a man that she is allowed by law to marry, wear perfume and flashy clothes etc.

Now number five is the main thing that caught my attention. I later learned that this is so as to ensure that the woman is not pregnant with the child of the deceased. In my eyes this is just a tiny bit outdated. At the time the scripture was written, pregnancy tests hadn’t been invented. I mean shouldn’t exceptions be made for this simple reason? I guess though that this process also plays the role of helping the woman heal after the hurt that losing a lost one can cause. The thing is the prescribed mourning period for men once they have lost their wives is three days. During this period is the male is not allowed to marry another woman, but once it is over may he feel the need it is completely allowed. At first this got to me, I mean is a woman’s life less valuable then a man’s that it takes a woman 100 days to mourn a man and only 3 days for a man to mourn a woman’s? But alas, these are only questions that bounce around in my head when I start thinking about these things. Allah knows why he directed us this way and his way, is the only way.


Hello world!

Literally Hello World!!!

Whoever you are you must be very smart to have come to my little corner of the internet. I applaud you. You can now confidently say that you have made at least one good decision in your life. Read on, it only gets better.

If your here by “mistake” and your disappointed then fuck off. Nobody likes negative energy.

Anyhow, if your reading this just after I’ve posted this then come back in about two days when i have put some substantial shit up yah? I promise you you’ll leave my page feeling…..something.

Until then Be safe.